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Woman Craft Austin

Woman Craft Austin is a business built on restorative massage therapy for Women, Pregnant and non binary individuals. 

They have worked with women and pregnant people as a massage therapist, birth doula, and placenta encapsulator in various forms since 2012.

Together we designed a small series of oil roller labels and packaging for their most recent studio products. The designs were inspired by the natural ingredients and remedies of their oils and scrubs, and the hand painted floral elements made by me using a combination of watercolour and digital illustration.

Preganant Watercolour
Herbal Bath Postpartum
Sugar Scrub
Nude orange watercolour
Pink Peonies
Peony Oil Roller
Eukalyptus Oil Roller
Eukalyptus watercolour
Banksia Watercolour
Banksia oil roller

A collection of client work

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