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Pat's Apothecary

Pat’s Apothecary is a Melbourne based brand creating adoptagenic tea, coffee and powder blends for the organic minded individuals and hot beverage aficionados.

All Pat’s Apothecary mushroom powders and extracts are from 100% organic fruiting bodies, of premium Di Tao quality, sourced from an established and trusted industry-leading grower. I worked with Pat on the new range of dual extract concentrates, focusing on the purity and organic compounds of the mushroom, which inspired the design concepts, colours and illustrative elements. 

Pat's Apothecary Illustrations
Pat's Apothecary Final Logos
Reishi Tea Packaging Design
Lions Mane Tea Packaging Design
Cordyceps Tea Packaging Design
Pat's Apothecary Packaging
Mushroom Illustration
Mushroom Illustration
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